Are you looking for a sustainable opimization of your supply chain in the fields of Procurement and Sales?

Do you search methodical expertise/workable tools for projects and processes to better face future challenges in the commodity market?

We offer consulting services for companies who have touch points in the commodity market such as buying/selling and or producing raw materials.

There are plenty of macroeconomic studies to read and lots of financial derivates offered to hedge risks but the first approach should always be to bring your employees into the position to understand your supplier and customers base as a whole and to find new approaches to optimize your cost base.


So if you are a manufacturer of products where raw material input is needed or if you have production waste, quite safe you always have in your mind that the prices of your suppliers are too high and selling prices an the compensation of the production waste is too low.

That`s because you are never sure that you know everything about the whole product lifecycles. Everybody is so focussed on their „own“ areas that the view stops at the entrance of the company gate.

So what can we at Purpapier do for you and what is the difference in our very pragmatic consulting approach?

We do not want to live in your organization for years – you choose your most explosive issue, we find your experts in your company straight away, provide relevant internal and external impulses and methodical tools and bring your employees into the position to implement improvements in your processes straight away.

We do not waste your time and your money.

Current example of our work:

A production company in the paper industry faced a massive price increase in one raw material group. We had just 3 days of wokshops with engineers of production, R&D and the procurement department and figured out that the very expensive raw material from overseas can be substituted with another one, which was on nobodys focus so far. The input of the raw material receipe was modified, the logistic department had to change the storage order but it saved 40 EUR/to in buying and improved the Co2 balance sheet in addition.


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Process optimisation of (technical and commercial) procurement and sales processes
Negotiation training for procurement and sales